I began my Career in the Personal Computer World in 1992. Since that Time I have worked in the Information Technology and Computer Industry providing Service and Support for a wide range of Small Businesses, Government Organizations and Residential Customers.

….What I Do….

When you call me about a problem you are having with your computer or system, what you don’t want to hear is, “You have to bring it in for us to fix it.”  I can solve most problems in your home or place of business in one service call typically taking between 1 and 2 hours of service time. My goal is to solve your problem and do any repairs on-site if all possible.


….No Hassle….

However, on occasion, there may be a need to bring your computer in to solve the problem. If so, then I will tell you and explain why.  Then, I will bring your computer in, complete the repair and return it to your home or business, as quickly as possible, without any hassle on your part.

To make an Appointment call me at 706-506-6500, or send an email to brian@brianhancock.net.